This setting determines which day of the week your calendar begins on if your locale doesn’t already set it. Default is 0, which is Sunday.


This setting controls the behavior of Views.get_next_url(). If set, all calendar modifications will redirect here (unless there is a next set in the request.)


This setting controls the behavior of Period.classify_occurence(). If True, then occurences that have been cancelled will be displayed with a css class of canceled, otherwise they won’t appear at all.

Defaults to False


This setting controls the callable used to determine if a user has permission to edit an event or occurance. The callable must take the object and the user and return a boolean.


check_edit_permission(ob, user):
    return user.is_authenticated()

If ob is None, then the function is checking for permission to add new occurrences.


This setting controls the callable that gets all events for calendar display. The callable must take the request and the calendar and return a QuerySet of events. Modifying this setting allows you to pull events from multiple calendars or to filter events based on permissions


get_events(request, calendar):
    return calendar.event_set.all()